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Website Giveaway!!!!!!

Hello Friends and Family!! We wanted to do something big for the end of this year. We all know that Covid has not done us any favors this year, And we want to do something to help out.

We want to give 1 fully complete website to a someone who is starting a business, or is looking to start a business in the near future.

Now let's talk about the small print. The recipient will need to cover domain and hosting fees, But Janssen Technical Consulting will not be taking any money for this website. Now what's in it for us? All we ask, Is that you allow us to put our name down at the bottom of your website, and leave us a nice review on social media.

This sounds too good to be true right? No, Covid has hit everyone hard this year and we want to do what we can to make someone happy. Of course there is a limitation. We will do either a basic website, Or a very small E-Commerce website (Depending on the amount of work needing to be done)

Please share this with people who can benefit from this giveaway. I will be taking emails, and messages on facebook for anyone who wants to get a free website and i will be randomly drawing a name on 12/14/2020. Please feel free to message us at

#JanssenTechnicalConsulting #WebDesign

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