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What Website should i choose?

This question is one of those questions where there are a lot of different answers, It all really depends on what you are looking to accomplish with your website. Here are a few reasons people come to us to build websites and my answers to the clients. Keep in mind that these are the Opinions of us here at Janssen Technical Consulting and everyone may have different opinions or experiences.

Q. I want to have clients book times for my business,what should i use?

A. GoDaddy, Wix and WordPress are all good for this. In fact most website platforms can do this!

Q. I need to be able to showcase my photos or videos.

A. Depending on how you are trying to showcase your videos, All platforms can show your media but there are some nice WordPress Themes that will let you do Carousels and other cool things.

Q. I have to have a blog for my website! Wordpress is the best right?

A. Yes and No! WordPress does make a name for itself for Blogging but GoDaddy and Wix are starting to step up their game with blogging so don't count them out! We use Wix here at JTC and it works really well for us. 

Q.  I need to be able to sell products that i make. What do i do?

A.  Again all of the platforms out there have a e-commerce functionality. WordPress has a lot of themes and plugins that really rock the E-commerce world. Godaddy and Wix are not too far behind but i have heard that Shopify and Etsy are the best for all things E-commerce. I have not had the joy of working in those two fields yet, but hey let us know what you think about them.

Q. Should i use one of these platforms or should i go through a dedicated or shared Server?

A. It Depends on the Business, If you are looking for thousands of hits and transactions a day i would go through a Dedicated Server. I would only offer a Shared Server option if you are trying to save money and don't foresee a lot of traffic in the beginning. You can always upgrade as your business expands so this can always be a talk with your tech guy or tech girl later!

The platforms like WordPress, GoDaddy, Wix, Shopify are all really good options as well if you are just starting out and don't see yourself doing an immense amount of business per day/Month. If you are unsure of your options Contact us and we will be glad to chat with you!

Q. I don't really care where my website is, I just want it built and looking good.

A. Not the best way to go about building your business, But we do get this on occasion. Scalability, content, Business type, and other information is crucial to us giving you the best solution for your business. I want my customers to be involved in this decision but i do get that you are all busy and just want the it done. Just send us logos, Color Schemes, and content and we can do magic! 

Summary - There are a lot of different solutions for your website and business. Chat with your web Developer or Contact us if you need one and we will be glad to chat about your business needs. Most platforms allow you add new functionality/themes/plugins as you grow or want to revamp your old website. 

Thanks for reading and we hope you have a great day!

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