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Has it been that long????

Hey Everyone,

Josh here from JTC! I have been super busy for the first time in a while. A lot has been going on with us here at JTC and i can finally say i actually need help!

I have been just like Jim Carey here with the amount of things i have been working on in the back end to make us more relevant and grow our company.

Firstly, I have partnered with WIX. (Still Partnered with Godaddy) and have been busy setting up that partnership. This is a huge win for us at JTC! Wix gets a W since they now have us onboard as an awesome agency!!!

Secondly, I have had so many leads come through i have needed to bring on someone to help take calls and send/answer emails! Everyone show our Newbie Holly some love!

Thirdly, I have met and built websites for some awesome people in the last few months who have been nothing short of Amazing! I tell my clients every time that i do not do this to make money, But to make lasting relationships who will continue to call me back after we are finished with the initial project.

With all that being said i do want to remind everyone that if you are looking for a web designer, We are taking clients but our time frames are now 2-3 weeks for Standard websites, And 4-6 weeks for E-Commerce Websites. We want to thank everyone who has worked with us and who will become family. It means a lot every time we close a project and i would not have it any other way!

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