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Why Should i Even have a website????

This is one of the most asked questions i get when i am chatting with customers who do not have a website. There are so many answers but one of my personal favorite answers is you want the best equipment or best materials for your business, why not spend a little bit of money on an investment for your business? A good website may not make you money back your first month or two but it will make the money back you paid for it plus more!

Here is an example, you spend 500 dollars on a small website with SEO, and a contact page. This in and of itself does not generate revenue but if you can gain a new client every month and gain 100 dollars in revenue from online leads, that website will pay for itself in 5 months. Anything after that will be Money in your pocket that you can use to grow your business! Think of a good website as an investment for your business, It will cost a bit upfront but overtime will not cost as much as you think. Integrate your social media and add more features over time and your reach and online leads will grow more and more! 

We can offer some cheap options for website prices to get you started and we can always add more later as your business grows. Contact us for a free estimate and advice on what we can do to help you!

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